What we do

Our range of business embraces α variety of operations. From developing property, reconstructing old buildings, renewable sources of energy and marine engineering. Furthermore we provide consultancy services, property management facilities, real estate services and project management expertise. In all our services we have as a basic requirement the protection of the natural environment, the special characteristics of the local area and the culture of the people. Our associates and partners team is staffed with specialists and scientists from the whole range of the services of the construction and the real estate sector (architects, civil and structural engineers, mechanical engineers, surveyors, accountants and economists, lawyers). Through our projects we have gained concentrated experience that passes to every new project so we can provide our clients with integrated services to cover their needs.

Property Development

Our company’s core business is the development of house and office buildings.

Architectural Design

We believe that the place that we live inside affects our life.


Sustainable development in the construction sector is based on the diptych scientific work through the design process of the project and experience in the construction work.


Our projects are a result of continuing and of many years research in the sector.

Project management

The management of the project is one of the most important elements of the construction process.


Our company not only provides our clients with consulting services but also it engages in business with the clients that want to develop their land or in their property generally.

Managing Real estate assets

One of our principal services is the management of real estate assets of persons and companies.